Monday, 22 February 2021

Local Appreciation

Just a few thoughts to share while I wait for the boss in Hull. Just before we set off I took Bud and enjoyed c200 PFG (P.70, H.69) returning North plus a drumming GSW and a singing Song Thrush. Not a bad haul within 200yds of the front door. Got me thinking...

As I go into my 65th Spring, which will definitely be spent at home, some of the old clichés spring to mind. After this morning's sightings "count your blessings" immediately sprang to mind.

It's also my first Spring in retirement, so I have my best opportunity to fully cover my Patch and hopefully discover some quality birds. No excuses!

There's always better...there's always worse. Comparison's with other sites are futile and counterproductive. The context of a sighting is important and very satisfying if earned. Time spent is also vital, as is exploring all possible habitats... frequently.

All this is fine in theory but it's practice that gets the Birds. Some promising Southerlies on the way, giving hope for FOY sightings. 

So let's get on with it..

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