Monday, 30 November 2009

Best of Duff

Also added my best sightings at North Duffield Carrs...not quite in the same League BUT Local Patch Birding is proper Birding for me

Memories are made of this

Just added my favourite memories of Rare Birds seen in Britain. Not all of the rarest I've seen but definitely the days that are still vivid in my mind as the ones that hit the spot. I also decided on a top 10. The reasons for this are varied, from last minute connections, through location to obviously cracking birds! I'll never compete with the limitless free time (and money) chaps but this list reminds me of why I do this. What about you?
I'll add some (brief) anecdotes to my top ten when I get to a proper computer...and then there's photos?! At least I sorted one out for the header .

Dog walk Birding

One of the bonuses of taking my German Shepherd Rocky (my lads choice!) on his constitutional is that I usually see something decent down Duff. This morning it was Barn Owl, c100 Fieldfare, c80 Lapwing. Having Flu has given me some time to practice setting up this Blog on Louise's (my partner) I Phone. One or two things don't work but I'm reasonably pleased so far (too smug?). Found some very interesting Blogs of all descriptions...very impressive chaps, a few of which I've added.
Lee Evans is prominent as usual. One thing I will say is that he provides Birders with a lot of news and information. Personally I don't follow his rules, I'm strictly anyone cares!!!

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Still no go and no show

...still feeling rough. Didn't venture out. No reports though!

Rain stopped play

Wimped out of YELLOWLEGS search due to poor weather and Flu! Might try later. Not very optomistic with Valley track record!!

Friday, 27 November 2009

Opening Words of Wisdom

As good a place to start as any I suppose is with a further report of a LESSER YELLOWLEGS at East Cottingwith Ings late afternoon. Checked with Peter Roworth who informed me it was reported by him! Still to connect with it, I'll give it a go in the morning if I feel better. He also saw a couple of Red Kites and 2 Pinkfeet at Wheldrake. Saw a Jay in the village today...village tick!