Thursday, 31 July 2014

Different location

I pass the L.O. site as I take Bud for his evening constitutional. This involves me sitting in the back of the shootingbrake and fido fetching the (advertised ) indestructible ball?!

As I passed the barn I noticed a Barn Owl on a fencepost...

Unfortunately it was flushed by a passing lorry.

After exercising his lordship I returned past the farm and noticed a distant bird on the barn roof...

Showing the rear head pattern
As I was driving back home I noticed a shape in a bush. We do that a lot...don't we?

I stopped and reversed the car into a lay by. I still wasn't sure it was a bird but when I lifted my bins I saw this...

Hope you like it Steve...

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Little Owls...I'm being spoilt

To say I've been fortunate with the local celebrities has to be an understatement. At the risk of appearing obsessive (I've probably already passed that point) I thought I'd post a few more images of the family. Hope you like them.

Adult this evening on the roof in the evening sun...

Curious youngster...

Like I said. VERY privileged.

The closest I've ever been simply because it came towards me!!

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

LBBG finale

Busy few days with relatives. Great time though.

I'd checked on the LBBG young on Bannister St a couple of times but couldn't locate them? I feared the worst as I couldn't believe a miracle had happened and they were suddenly airborne! Anyway, yesterday I had more luck as they were miraculously back in the same spot...albeit still grounded. I watched briefly as one bird made brief flights, gaining height to around 15 ft. Encouraging. It's wing didn't seem to droop as markedly as previously. The younger bird didn't look as perky however.

I'd received a Facebook message from Tim Jones who's now assistant warden at Spurn to say he'd take them down there if I wanted. It was a tough call as I was reluctant to separate them from their parents who'd worked tirelessly protecting them. The clincher was the fact that even the stronger bird didn't fly when I approached it closely in the driveway. We feared that a cat/dog etc might get hold of them. So Tim netted them and after stopping at Tesco for some fish...

they're now residing in luxury (amongst the washing) at Kew...


It'd be great if they made it and could be returned to With for release.

Time will tell...

Thursday, 24 July 2014

LBBG...The full story

Time to put this one to bed...for now at least!

As previously mentioned I found three breeding pairs, two in With' and one on Hedon rd, Hull. I've already posted a few shots but here's one more of the three healthy birds on Hollym rd...

As far as I'm aware the two youngsters on Hedon rd made it also.

Unfortunately the two birds on Bannister St didn't fare as well. If only for the record I have to report that both birds have damaged wings. They probably fell off the chimney stack when they became to big.

I see the family every time I park my car for work and have admired the devotion of both adults in their protection of the fledglings from the aggressive neighbouring Herring Gulls. I hasten to add there is no problem here as even though they are of slightly slimmer build they are most definitely the dominant Gull. I've seen plenty of evidence of this!

This past week it's been hard watching the two young birds waddling around the street with a wing drooping on the floor with no chance of getting airborne and away from danger. Also, the adults are still on patrol being very loyal but the situation seems hopeless.

Yesterday was my last long shift and I'd had enough. I made a few phone calls to wildlife sanctuaries but none convinced me enough to consider them. I then rang the vet which I took last years casualty too...

...and again they said they'd take them. Chances of healing are slim apparently, but for me it's better to try and see if they can fly again rather than confine them to a flightless existence. They also said they could be relocated if treatment was successful.

Anyway....As I returned to my car I noticed a lady feeding them. I had a quick chat with her and she told me that they were (unsurprisingly) being hassled by teenagers.

So this morning at 6 I made my way back to Bannister St to (hopefully) catch them and take them to the Vet...


I can only surmise as to where they are? They had been very loyal to one driveway. I looked extensively but couldn't locate them. I will look again. Maybe someone else has sorted it...he says optimistically. I don't really want to dwell on other scenarios...if you get my drift.

To be honest I wish they would relocate as I can only see this situation recurring constantly. The chosen site isn't big enough to support large chicks.

As I was getting back in my car I noticed an adult flying to the Chimney with nesting material!!!

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

LBBG news delayed

Long shifts at the moment so blogging limited. 6 days off from Thursday though!

It's going to be mixed news regarding the young. Same problem as last year. Daft birds!

Little Owl spotted on the roof at Out Newton this evening...

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Catch up

Summer doldrums.

However, there's always something to look at/for. It's been an excellent breeding season compared to last year. We've gone from record late to record early! The harvest has already started. We've even had the man from Birds Eye giving the green light for the peas in the middle of the night! Many "Autumn" flowers are already"out" e.g. Buddleia. Rowan bushes full of berries? It'll be interesting how it affects the birds.

While I have an hour I thought I'd post a few topical images...

First the local Sand Martin colony. I guess you could call it a Hive of Activity! Not a fan of death by photograph but here's half a dozen images to hopefully give you a flavour of the colony. Impossible to give a final count yet as many young still in their burrows.

Hungry youngsters

Will-o-the wisp birds. Hope you like them...

Lesser black-backed Gulls tomorrow

Monday, 14 July 2014

Double Gull boost

Spent a couple of hours down at Kilnsea Wetlands over high tide this evening. Walking Bud along Long Bank initially where I managed to bump into this Sedge Warbler gathering food for it's young...

A Barn Owl was also present...

Onto the Wetlands then. Decent numbers of birds were passing by but not as many as I anticipated at this time. Perseverance paid off when I eventually managed to pick out an adult Little Gull (P.115, S.84)...

Then a Yellow-legged Gull (P.116,S.85)...with no legs...

Wonderful News!

Acting on a tip from Bob Mann from With' I returned to Out Newton to be greeted by this uplifting sight...

2 probably 3 young!!!

I'd only ever seen a single adult. Sex differences are subtle but we obviously have a pair here! I'd been hoping that there might be a positive outcome...and here it is...

Littler Owls?

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Kilnsea Wetterlands

Thought I might catch a migrant or two down at KW this morning. Obviously more water after Thursdays deluge and lots of lovely mud...but completely devoid of birds!

Nice Barn Owl though...

reckon he spotted me in the hide?

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Making a difference?

I've just sent a protest letter to my regional MEP's regarding the slaughter of many of our migrant birds as they pass over the Med'. You may wish to join me.

There's a link to Chris Packham's website here. It has all the relevant information to help you. I encourage you to take the make a difference...

Wednesday, 9 July 2014


Curiosity got the better of my little friend this morning. I consider myself VERY fortunate...

Monday, 7 July 2014

Beacon Ponds

Spent an enjoyable couple of hours there tonight.

Plenty of Little Tern activity...

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Gannet fest!

Had a walk down to Old Hive to take a look at the Sand Martins this morning. Eldest lad and wife over with both dogs! Weather dodgy but we made it down onto the beach.

A glance out to sea revealed at least 50 Gannets feeding. Magic...

Like an arrow!
Plenty of action at "old hive". More later...

Friday, 4 July 2014

Potential FIRST for the ABA



Constant flow of Swifts drifting South over the village this evening.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Distant flock

5 Cormorant (H.76) way out over the sea this morning. My first of the year for the village!

Shows how often I seawatch!

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

It's a funny old game...

I decided to have a day away.

I went "up ont moors". Wykeham to be precise. I've never had much (any) luck with the Honey Buzzards...nothing changed today in 3hrs!

I also tried the Sutton Bank site for Turtle Dove, again no joy. Nice scenery though!

On returning home I took Bud down to the field. Looking back towards the house I saw a Lesser-black backed Gull flying over it! Guess that's a garden tick...of sorts?

Ah well...

Tuesday, 1 July 2014


Glorious view towards With' from Out Newton
A bit of a round up today.

I've updated my (modest) totals at half-time (6 months). If you're interested they can be seen in the right hand column.


I had a look for the previously mentioned Fulmars this morning at Easington cliff. Not a sniff...BUT...a surprise (very early returnuing) Wheatear?

Failed breeder?
400 yds further north is a small Sand Martin colony...

This is one of three sites between Easington and Withernsea. More good news.

A great morning finished with a nice flypast of Oystercatchers...