Monday, 27 February 2012

Quality sighting

We spent an hour down at Spurn yesterday afternoon. As we approached Long Bank I asked my new chauffeur (Louise!) to pull the car over as I'd seen a "lump" in a field...

We moved on to the triangle and again I managed a peek at the Egyptian Goose...and I do mean a peek!

Also out on the Humber I managed a pair of these (only my second record).

PLUS a Spurn tick on Canal scrape in the form of a male Gadwall...I know, I know!! Not that common actually, especially in Winter. It's interesting analysing my sightings, now I'm spending more time in a different area. Gives a new perspective to my Birding.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Winter Wonderland

There have been some great birds this Winter...

Spanish Sparrow (Passer hispaniolensis)

Wish I'd needed really...then I could have shared the excitement!

Awesome (as they say) photos on the ABA Blog of a BLACK-BROWED ALBATROSS found in North need to scroll down a bit! Almost makes me want to do more Pelagics...but not quite!!

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Slowly but surely

Added a nice one of these this morning to my fledgling Holmpton list...

Also heard the wonderful song of one of these for the first time this year...

Friday, 24 February 2012

Mixed Bag

Spent an hour down Beacon Ponds this morning. Getting harder to make it down now...hoping for my Op sooner rather than later!
Briefly...having to take painkillers now, but determined to keep as mobile as I can, with the help of my trusty crutch!
Highlights at B.P...The 4 Scaup are still present plus 2 Greenshank, 4 Goldeneye, R.B.Merganser, 142 Wigeon, 6 Pochard.
Buddy had a great time. He spends most of his time growing!

7 months
After scoring some points tidying back at the cottage I did a bit of seawatching from Holmpton cliff. Added Gannet (12 south) and Razorbill to "the list". A Pied Wagtail flew north along the cliff on the way back to the car.

My pal Haydn is on a mission tomorrow hoping to connect with the COMMON YELLOWTHROAT and PADDYFIELD WARBLER. Good Luck Mate.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Big Year 2012

Regular readers will know I have a special interest in ABA Birding. I've added a few Blogs to my list concerning some of this years attempts...

Reached 18C today, very nice indeed. Encouraged more thoughts of Spring migrants...

Sunday, 19 February 2012

In off

Spending more time on the coast this half-term week, I've made a few discoveries. "In off the sea" is a common enough term in birding circles. Seeing 45 Lapwing drifting in was an unusual sight (at least for me).
No luck in finding W.W. Gulls but 33 R.T. Divers on the sea off Holmpton Cliff was pleasing, together with a few Guillimots flying north. Also added L.T.Tit to the Garden list.

Great to see that the COMMON YELLOWTHROAT re-appeared for the weekend chaps. Saturday morning must have been a little say the least!!

Temperatures forecast to soar later in the week, maybe up to 16C...a few early migrants would be nice...maybe a Firecrest at Spurn?

Friday, 17 February 2012

At Last!

All's well again.

Spent the morning around the village (Holmpton) and then an hour down at Beacon Ponds. Managed to catch a female Sparrowhawk warming up in the early morning sun thanks to a male Kestrel which flew up to join it in the trees opposite the Cottage.

Beacon Ponds has always been a favourite site of mine and I hope to visit more frequently from now on. The 4 Scaup are still present...

One missing!

Also an impressive number of the dapper Brents. 650+ on the B.P. plus c150 on the adjacent developing environmental agency site.

Nice views of the under-rated and overlooked Stock Doves...

Lucked in on a group of Yellowhammers (10)...

So, as long as my lap-top behaves, it's back to regular lucky people!?

p.s. COMMON YELLOWTHROAT in Wales. Brings back memories of 1997 when my youngest lad Robert accompanied me on his one and only trip to Scilly. The fact it took me 3 days to see it almost certainly finished off any interest he had in twitching, which to be honest, wasn't much!!!

Tuesday, 14 February 2012


Spending a bit of time over at Holmpton this week as Louise is on half-term.

This post being written in the Library as....yes you know!

Valentines day co-incided with the first burst of this birds wonderful song...

Below is a song for old-time romantics...

Herb Alpert - This Guy's In Love With You

Thursday, 9 February 2012

The end of the road?

It would be great to believe it still exists, but the reality is I feel, that the Lord God Bird is no-more...

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Intermittent Blogging!

Dare I mention my Computer? Oh, OK then. I've been infected with a Trojan worm...apparently! So, it's at the doctors, just hope they can sort it?

Good News - Just been to see the junior consultant and I've been referred to the last. It's the same bloke who did my other hip. This boosts confidence!!

Snow and Fog not conducive for Birding...

On the return of above I hope to return to regular lucky people

Thought for the day...Why do so many people drive in Fog with no lights on?!

Thursday, 2 February 2012


Took Louise on the Settle/Carlisle Railway last Saturday. Brilliant trip including some stunning scenery, we were VERY lucky to have a clear day. We were very UNLUCKY to experience a 5 hour Friday evening journey from York to Bury!!! A sprinkle of snow on the M62 and chaos. Also while we waited for the train at Manchester Victoria on Saturday from 7am we discovered that the cafe only opened at 8! So, we experienced a marvellous 45 mins stood on an ice block of a platform. This was compounded by the fact that when we took our seat (1st class) we were informed that the heating system in our carriage had broken down!!
Still mustn't moan!?
As already stated though, we had a great day pulled by 2 Black Fives (steam trains) based at Bury (how apt).

Footnote: It was heartening to see how many people we saw taking photos of the train as it passed by...well into 4 figures! This contrasted sharply with the bloke on the platform at Manchester at the end of our trip who commented "Why do people find that interesting?"
As the song goes (Garden Party by Ricky Nelson)...You can't please you've got to please yourself.

Last time I'll mention that my Laptop is STILL poorly! As am I now, after the above trip.

Birding still subdued, Hoping for a good session this weekend...maybe a chat with my pal Haydn.

Spring is on the way...?