Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Twists of fate

Funny how things work out...sometimes!

My Ruppell's photo reminded me ...unfortunately... of my dip at Holme in 1992.  I arrived early Saturday after an honest week of toil to find the bird had departed. There hasn't been another twitchable one since...

As I write there's a Rock Thrush...yes, Rock Thrush on that island that isn't what it used to be apparently?

If you followed my Blog throughout my Cyprus trip you'll remember my best find was indeed this species...closely followed by Hawfinch. The photo below s memorable for me as it's the first view  had of this special bird as I was trying to confirm a Finsch's Wheatear sighting...tale already told.

This bird was in view for only a few moments before disappearing over the brow of a hill...

Finding this bird gave me the biggest (Birding) rush of the holiday! More fun was still to be had though. I'd become very familiar with the Anarita Park area by the second week. It was a convenient site to visit from the Hotel being only 15 mins away. I have to admit I was aware that there was another male Rock Thrush present as I made my way around the dirt tracks. I'd left Louise reading by the farm as I walked down towards the junction. There was another car parked there. A voice informed me I'd be better off in the car! I enquired if they had seen anything. They said they were hoping to photograph a Rock Thrush. I lifted my bins..."well...there's one over there"! Suddenly, they were both...out of the car!!

We spent the rest of the afternoon with this elusive beauty. Enjoying the last hour with it all to ourselves. We even enjoyed hearing it sing. A quality experience...

I'm still having fun with the Computer...but I'll get there in the end...hopefully!

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