Saturday, 22 April 2017

NDC - Re-visited

Never an ordeal to visit.

Haydn had informed me that he'd seen a flock of Corn Buntings on Good Friday as I was leaving on Thursday! I've been watching here for 30 years...with the odd break of course. I've never seen CB at NDC.

Despite a late finish I was up early (for me) and on site by 9.  I made my way down to Garganey hide. Plenty of expected summer visitor bird song. Chiffchaff, Willow Warbler, Blackcap, Lesser Whitethroat (I even managed to SEE one well).

Then  heard it...jangling keys!!! Only one bird...but that's enough.

NDC LIFE - 152

I texted Haydn with the news and thanked him. He was on his beloved Skipwith Common but he said he'd "tear himself away" for a chat. We swapped stories of recent holidays and dreams of future trips. Maybe the cold northerly wind and 8c had something to do with it!

I also added Long-tailed Tit (65), Great Spotted Woodpecker (66), Linnet (67) plus a hunting Barn Owl (68) that was on view for over 30 minutes in front of the Geoff Smith hide...

I saw it make at least 3 kills...down the hatch!

My final addition was a big surprise...Red-legged Partridge (69)!? Common on the adjacent arable land but a rarity on the Carrs. Only my third record. Dry conditions?

I was hoping to get another view of the "pale" Peregrine but it was a no show. I intend to visit at least once a week before May is out...

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