Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Quality start to the year

As previously stated, circumstances are preventing my intended start to 2016 getting off to a flyer and yet I've managed to connected with some quality birds. I fortunately managed to continue the trend this morning.

I decided to take the lad on the beach at Spurn. It's his favourite spot. I guess it has to be! Joking apart, it's the easiest place for me to gain access.

After he'd had his session, I decided to have my usual watch from Long Bank. It's a great vantage point with extensive views over the peninsular.

Fence posts, any post! Always worth checking. Lone ones in the middle of fields...even I can spot something on those. I looked to my left...small slim shape...had to be a raptor...another Kestrel? Sparrowhawk?

Not this time...MERLIN!

Great to see. Never saw one last year?

It didn't hang around long...

Not the best, but it does show the barring on the tail and wings quite well
I consider this my best sighting of the year so far.

I met the better half for lunch near Patrington. It was now 2pm so I decided to have the last hour back down at Stone Creek. The light was VERY poor again unfortunately. On the way down I saw many Deer (c30) which is always a treat.

I parked on the bridge over the drain, which again, gave me a great view over the wasteland. After around 15 minutes I picked up a SEO way off in the distance. I decided to drive closer. Of course, there was no sign of the Owl.

Then, out of nowhere a Barn Owl flew purposefully across the field towards the estuary...just managed to catch it!

A or another SEO then landed on a fence post some 20 yds from the car. Great stuff, except it was behind the hedge! I couldn't get a pic...unfortunately. It then re-appeared flew over the car and away...

Then...there were 2!!

Just for the record!
It was virtually dark now (3.20) but I could still see a SEO hunting below the bank...

Then I was treated to another stroke of luck as a male Marsh Harrier joined the Owl...

It was 3.45!
Not big numbers but quality birds. A great day...

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