Thursday, 21 January 2016

Nice trio

I decided to try "the runnel" this morning to the north of the village. Hip was sore but it could be worse...much worse!

As I reached the sea I could see something VERY interesting on the beach...

Shag (P.85, H.46)

I've no idea if this is "normal behaviour" but it follows on from the tail end of last year when plenty were seen along this section of the coast, many landing.

It soon moved south...

Great bonus bird!

I made my way the short distance to the Llamas. Bud was doing what Dogs do and BINGO he disturbed some birds feeding in the tussocks. Meadow Pipit, Skylark...SNOW BUNTING!! (P.86, H.47)

The bird climbed high above the beach and headed South. It circled for a while and then started to descend. It was coming back my way! Closer, closer then down...right in front of me on the edge of the cliff...

Things were going well. I sent a text to Gavin and Phil to let them know and then started to head back to the car. Gavin had seen a Stonechat (H.48) a couple of times in the same area. So it was worth scanning the clifftop fields and runnel. Not usually a difficult species to find, with it's habit of perching high for periods on the vegetation. After around five minutes of looking south into the sun I found it.

More luck...

An excellent morning.

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