Friday, 8 January 2016

Hen Harrier

More quality!

The late morning was spent along Beacon Ponds and beach. Bud loved the swim in the sea. I could see Adam Hutt in Holderness Field. I was going to make my way up onto the embankment to view the Slav Grebe again which had moved onto the ponds. In the end I decided to spare him the over-enthusiastic welcome he would have received from Bud! Instead I called in on Phil who was doing a few repairs on his caravan. No birds of note seen,

Late afternoon was spent down at Stone Creek. On the way down I had a couple of Buzzards at Sunk Island. I chose the west of my Patch due to the fact that the sky "seemed" to be clearer. Maybe even a chance of sunshine? One advantage of the South Holderness peninsular are the tremendous views you get. It's the nearest you can get around here to "BIG Country" which I love when I visit the States.

The nearer I got to Stone Creek, the more clouds appeared. Never mind. I chose my usual vantage point and started to scan the fields. It was 3pm.

The light had "gone" again but there was still time for a "good bird"

...and boy did I get one!!

Poor quality record shots but thrilled with a male...

Just got it!
I reckon the bird was around 100yds away and moving! I've had an extremely fortunate start to the year.

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