Wednesday, 20 January 2016

BLACK BRANT - different location

A brighter day today. I tried for Rock Pipit (P.84) at Skeffling and finally found a couple. The BIG bonus though came shortly afterwards as I took Bud for a short stroll. I could see a group of around 50 Brent Geese in the first field east of the car park. I wonder if the rare cousin is amongst them?

It was...

Not far from Spurn granted...but still, it's a Skeffling tick!

After a quick trip to Tesco before dusk I nipped my lad down to the cliff for a last blast. Having a dog makes you go places you otherwise wouldn't AND gets you birds. As I approached the cliff I had a Grey Partridge (H.41) in the headlights!

I wonder if I can find a Glaucous Gull on the Patch tomorrow? There's one at Hornsea.

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