Tuesday, 2 August 2016


After a few initial hiccups with logistics Trevor and Tony arrived at the Cottage just after 7am. We picked Erich Hediger up at the Humber bridge and headed South. I've not been to Minsmere many times and after yesterday I know why. It's a real drag to get too...so it had to be something...GOOD...didn't it?
The company was first class though which helped the journey. The roads were VERY busy and we hit a couple of jams. Trevor used to be the Warden there so his local knowledge helped negotiate the last few miles quickly....thankfully.
There were plenty of cars in the car park but we found a spot, gathered our gear and headed for reception. Trevor had reminded me to bring my RSPB card, I'm glad he did as it was an extortionate £9 entry!!
The site was around 800 yds away and I told the chaps I'd catch them up...they walked with me...top lads.
We could soon see the admirers in the distance, we joined them and found a spot. The bird was out of view. After around 30 minutes, movement was noticed in the far reeds (c.80yds)...
The haze was strong but at least it was there!  
We spent around 3 hours on site enjoying views of the bird working it's way around the edge of the pool in and out of the vegetation...
It disappeared on occasions but with patience it was possible to get good views. It never came close (as it had done early morning) but the views were fine...
Heavy crop to show the feet and toes...
BLUE Bird!
So now it will be up to the Committee to decide. As stated many times I will adhere to the eventual decision whether I agree with it or not. Personally I feel the credentials of this bird are good...far better than the Chinese Pond Heron which I thought was the wrong decision...as was the Mugimaki Flycatcher.
Time will tell if it was worth the trip? Pending!

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