Friday, 19 August 2016

Pyrenees 16 - Day 8/9...more high spots

Mountains that is!
Wednesday we did the Luz ski slopes were Charles had seen Lammergeier and Golden Eagle. No luck for yours truly.
Yesterday we finally got round to making the trip to the Cirque de Garvanie a truly spectacular area and a World Heritage site. The forecast was dodgy but it worked out great as it was cool and cloudy for our ascent and then cleared as we reached the Cirque. It took us an hour to reach the Hotel were Wallcreeper had been reported 10 days ago. You guessed sign!
Louise decided to return to the Valley and I continued to the waterfall (Grande Cascade). It took me a long time but I made it...eventually. I'm not a fell walker but I can understand the sense of achievement it gives you...and the fitness. Hardest thing I've done for many a year and the leg obviously held out!
My reward was another encounter with Alpine Accentor. I had brief but close views right by the waterfall...the highest point! I scanned many a cliff for the 'creeper but couldn't find one. The only raptor I saw, apart from the ever present Kestrels, was a lone Griffon Vulture.
Today we're off to the Cirque du Troumouse, yet another "guaranteed" Lammergeier site? Later we'll drop down to the Lac des Gloriettes and Haus for a chance of Wallcreeper and Rock Thrush.
Fingers crossed...

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