Monday, 15 August 2016

Pyrenees 16 - Day 6...Vallee d'Ossoue

Tried hard this am for Black Woodpecker just east of Barages at Lienz around Chez Louisette. I realize this is a long, long shot but the scenery is simply stunning, the weather superb and it's worth a try.

After picking Louise up in Luz' we headed for the Vallee d'Ossoue near Gavarnie...another classic Lammergeier site. We drove the whole length to the lake and spent 5 hours there (it reached 35c) but the only raptor seen was Kestrel. A beautiful valley though.

Our last day at Barages tomorrow before retuning to Saint Savin, post festival!

I hope to have more positive news tomorrow and might even be able to post a pic or two?

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