Sunday, 21 August 2016

Pyrenees 16 - Day 12...Soulor start and finish

I decided to try the site I'd seen the most birds at again today. The forecast was for improving conditions as the day wore on. It did brighten up slightly but remained a cool 13c at 1474m.

Embarrassingly the hoped for Lammergeier never materialized. Quite a feat, not to log one in 12 days in the French Pyrenees! lol.

I DID see c200 Black Kites, 5 Red and c20 Honey Buzzards, which was nice.

So that's it! We're off to Carcassonne early tomorrow. A treat for Louise. On the way though there will be a stop at Ouveillan for a chance of Rock Sparrow...another bird I seem to struggle with!

I'd love to return one day...but it will definitely be in June...

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