Friday, 14 August 2015

Tricky Icky!

Meant to get down to Spurn early this morning due to the very favourable fall conditions. Failed miserably after a late shift! It cost me Barred and Wood Warbler...will I never learn? Probably not!

I eventually arrived at the Crown and Anchor around 10.30 and spent the next hour looking forlornly for the departed.

Things brightened up when news of an Icterine Warbler at Sandy Beaches came over the radio. When I arrived a few had beaten me to it but the bird wasn't showing. Too many leaves in mid-August! The finder was a regular who I've seen about many times but unfortunately I don't know his name. Great find pal.

After a short time we re-located it, first in the trees than along the hedge. The bird was VERY active and constantly on the move. It had a habit of hovering briefly above the vegetation before disappearing again, something I'd not seen before with this species. It was also obviously bigger than WW/ChCh in general flight.

I managed an initial record shot pic which was literally point and shoot. I wasn't even sure it was in the image taken...until I looked of course!

I didn't really give the camera a chance, still half asleep to be honest (I had had a late night). The bird appeared to have made it's way north down Beacon Lane but to be honest that was just an assumption, it had just disappeared again. I decided to hang around the Caravan Park entrance and it paid off when I saw a likely candidate fly from the hedge back into the trees. This time I was ready...

I hope to post my S.E.Arizona Big Day write up tomorrow. Bet you can't wait?!

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