Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Garden MEGA!

No sign of any Whinchats south of the Village first thing. A high flying and calling Curlew was noteworthy. Mediterranean Gulls are still loitering with at least 4 seen. Another seawatch,  another Skua, this time an Arctic (P.120, H.97) chasing the Terns in typical style. Then a nice pass of 12 Shelducks (H.98) south...

Home for lunch and a glimpse of a Coal Tit in the garden. The afternoon passed quietly.

I returned home around 5 for a brew. It was still warm enough for us to sit in the garden. The usual characters were flicking around the trees and bushes that fringe our modest garden. Then something... "different"?

Surely not...yep...a Yellow Wagtail!!!

I'd left my camera in the car, so I went rather hastily to get it. When I returned the bird was still there. Louise was still sat on our bench. Of course, my camera wouldn't lock on to it before it flew off. Rather disappointing!!

I decided to give it some time sitting in the kitchen. I wasn't that hopeful BUT surprisingly it came back...

So, another notable record and one I would NEVER have imagined would visit my postage stamp...

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