Monday, 12 February 2018

Repeat visits

This time of year can be difficult for lots of reasons BUT interesting sightings can still be had...with luck!

A sunny morning meant a run for Buddy on his favourite habitat...the beach! Too cold for a swim but it didn't stop him having extended paddles.

I was returning from Easington for lunch when I detoured, on the spur of the moment, past Dimlington Bungalows to see if I could get lucky with the long-staying, first winter Rose-coloured Starling. I'd observed other birders on occasions, focussing on the low hedge at the west end. I parked in the lay-by and waited. I could see groups of Starlings perched on aerials to my rear. I was just about to turn the car round when I noticed a pale Starling sat motionless in the self same low hedge. Bingo...

The last couple of hours were spent cruising around Sunk Island and Stone Creek with no real plan in mind. I parked up at a regular pull in and waited...for something to happen! A group of 20 Fieldfares feeding in the adjacent long grass was a nice surprise. It was now gone 4. Then a sudden movement caught my eye out of the side window.

Amazingly it was a male Hen Harrier flying low past the car not 5 yards away!!!

It was moving quickly...away. By the time I'd sorted my camera out it was way off...

For the record...

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