Sunday, 30 October 2016

Yorkshire Quality

A grim morning here plus "wintertime"!!!
One bird maybe but TWO quality birds in the North of the (old) County...definitely! So, let's have a drive up there, maybe the weather will be better?
M62 - A1 - A19. Arrived at Skinningrove just before 2pm (I had a lie in!). It was sunny and warm as I pulled into the car park at Skinningrove. I was quite impressed with the quaint little valley, reminded me of Cornwall?
I gave Bud a stretch and then headed off along the coastal path. I saw a chap taking photos and asked him for directions. He pointed to a gap between some rocks. I walked through and immediately found the admiring group. Some were on the beach, some above looking down on the rip-rap. I looked down...there it was!
I didn't see Andrew (Kinghorn) below but he came up and joined me to inform me he'd been there half an hour and hadn't seen it yet! Never presume. We eventually enjoyed prolonged views of a superb bird. As you say Trevor...if it looks different...tick it! Must be a contender for species status. More on splitting headaches later...
Nice pose?
Success then. I walked back to the car with Andrew and it was nice to have time for a nice relaxed chat. I was pleasantly surprised that despite our (great) age difference we shared many similar views on many matters regarding British Birding. We also shared a brief chat with Gary Taylor who'd just arrived from the Pied Wheatear.
Time to move just up the road to Redcar.
I finally sorted out the location with my newly discovered and much overdue smartphone!? The Sat Nav was most impressive and not annoying at all. The scene was typical of a seaside Sunday. The bird was totally unconcerned! There were quite a few "following" the bird. I remained along the seawall. The bird was performing well to those on the beach but I got my chance eventually...
It performed either side of the old cinema...
I really enjoyed the trip. Two excellent and showy males on a wonderful late Autumn afternoon. A nice memory as winter closes in. Still time for some late Holmpton action. Now there's optimism for you!
The Star...

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