Thursday, 20 October 2016

Full of Eastern Promise!

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One for the teenagers! Winds swinging East again. Bring them on!
Love Wildfowl, not everyone's cup of T but certainly mine. Remnants of NDC! Might have mentioned that before?
Grey Geese?! Especially Bean Geese.
Flock in silhouette coming in to Out Newton this am...
Bottom right bird? Shorter neck, bigger head...maybe shorter bill? Tundra (rossicus)?
They landed down towards Old Hive. I didn't want to flush them but I managed a double head shot over the rise...
Dark heads, orange and black bills BUT the left bird has a bigger head, doesn't it? It's also a different shape for me. Isn't the neck thicker? As stated many times, I'm no expert! Good fun though. Got to be Bean Geese? The flock were later seen in flight as I was sat in my car. I'm convinced I saw a Taiga and a Tundra. According to Collins some Taiga (fabalis) have Tundra (rossicus) bill pattern!? Left hand bird?
Anyway, I think I can say I've seen a Bean Goose (H.98) in my Village. I'm always happy to be wrong. Well, most of the time!

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