Saturday, 21 February 2015

A question of balance


Life in a nutshell! The former winning out at the moment but some time tomorrow and Wednesday for local birding.

Then Sunday morning at 6am we're off to Mallorca for 10 days. I hope to post a brief itinerary, once finalised. It's obvious already that the Gosney guide will be taking centre stage. I hope to post fairly regularly whilst on the island...almost certainly while my better half is getting ready for our evening meal.

Still slightly unsure as to whether certain species will still be there/have arrived yet?

Too early for most migrants but I hope to turn up some surprises. Enough quality species, habitat and scenery to keep me interested well as (hopefully) keeping Louise happy!

This monster has (relatively) recently colonised the islands...

Apparently in late 2008 an impressive group of around 100 birds suddenly appeared on Mallorca carried on strong westerlies from the Iberian peninsular. That must have been quite a sight!!!

In 2012 they bred for the first time.

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