Monday, 11 March 2013

Nostalgia IS what it used to be!!!

Made the journey up into the Dales on Saturday. Bleak was definitely the word! We reached the Station Inn around 3 and had some lunch. The weather turned worse (if that was possible). Still, I hadn't travelled all this way for nothing, so I wrapped up and braved the elements (Louise stayed in the pub).

It was snowing quite hard now, more like a blizzard! Then in the distance I saw the smoke (just)...

A fine sight!
Not many finer for me. They belong together. So glad some of these magnificent machines are still around and allowed to travel on the main lines. I never actually saw an A4 when I was a lad. There's a 75th anniversary celebration of Mallard's record world speed record this year in York when all 6 remaining A4's will be on display. I might just pay a visit!

Made a token effort today but beaten by the cutting wind I'm afraid (wind chill -7C). I did manage to pick out the Black Brant at Kilnsea through the car window. Then that was that.

A bit of holiday planning is in order I think due to the diabolical weather. Just to give a flavour of what's in store here's a link to some awesome photos of our American counterparts.

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