Sunday, 24 April 2022

Texas 22 - Day 12

I have to admit I was feeling the pace a bit this morning! I still rose at dawn then tried some spots down the Island while Louise had a leisurely morning. Firstly I tried Settegast Rd the site of my Bobolink triumph in 2019 at the Artist Boat Coastal Heritage Preserve...

I didn't bump into Greg Hall but his buggy was there...

I remember the ride well! None there today (maybe tomorrow) but I did have cracking views of Scissor-tailed Flycatcher...

A common migrant BUT stunning none-the-less, I think you'd agree. I also saw my first Eastern Meadowlark.

Onto the famous Laffitte's Cove migrant trap...

Unfortunately, this morning wasn't a good one "migrant wise" but it was still nice to renew the acquaintance. This Rose-breasted Grosbeak was enjoying the Mulberries...

I also added Stilt Sandpiper, White-faced Ibis and Brown Thrasher (gotta love a Thrasher)...

A blur in the shade but a fine bird.

Galveston can be busy at weekend; maybe something to do with the THIRTY TWO mile beach!!! It's a fantastic place with plenty of room for everyone. It's obviously wise to head for quieter stretches at we headed SW to San Luis Pass. Less crowded but still busy. Never mind. I had a search for Yellow-headed Blackbird at the 2019 site...but none today.

The Houston Audubon Dos Vacas Muertas (two dead cows) Sanctuary isn't far from the pass, so we gave it a go. We'd booked a Bay House for 2020 which was right next to this reserve and I was hoping to make it my local Patch for the holiday but the pandemic put paid to that. I've visited it a few times in the past but never had much luck here. Today all that changed.

As well as lots of Grockles, there are plenty of Birders from all over the States here this weekend for the Featherfest. Groups visiting all the hotspots. I found Louise a quiet spot in the shade and started to explore.

Drip Birding isn't my cup of tea. Even the Convention Centre at SPI is a bit like a Zoo with Birders stood in line waiting for a included! To each there own I say. I certainly enjoyed the views I got and the crowd was always polite and well behaved...unlike somewhere else I could mention.

To roam around a natural woodland with pools is heaven in my book...and this place ticked all the boxes. Example: I stood in the shade overlooking a pool...

In 5 minutes I "had"...

Cape May Warbler (male)
Common Yellowthroat
Veery (also pleased with this record)
Louisianna Waterthrush
Blue Grosbeak (male and 2 females)

White-tailed Kite

Not bad!

I continued my stroll. I passed under some trees and as I looked up I saw a Warbler. To my amazement it was a female Cape May!!! I!

Incredibly the next bird I saw was the Male...I know!

Incredibly I'd come across TWO birds!!!

A group had just arrived so I let them know and they seemed interested! The Frigatebird "moment" was special but this has topped it. It only takes one bird...or in this case...two!

Trip Total...167 species

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