Saturday, 23 April 2016

Migration on hold

Got up early at 5.45 yesterday and had a stroll down Sammy's...Budless! The target was Grasshopper Warbler, a species I've not had much luck with in recent years. The last one I saw (briefly) was a putative LANCEOLATED WARBLER claim at Spurn last Autumn...pity that!!!

I was down there 2 hours with the place all to myself but neither sight nor sound. I did inadvertently flush a SEO from the path. They look so much smaller close up? No sign of the skulking Ring Ouzels either. It was fresh but I enjoyed the early morning walk in the sunshine.

Unsurprisingly things seem to have ground to a halt on the migration front with the Northerly airflow. Still, plenty of time.

Last link to Texas. I noticed a couple of Birders had done a BIG DAY in the South of the State this week (Chorpus Christi to the border).

How many species?


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