Saturday, 21 March 2015

Balearic Warbler

We arrived at the wonderful setting of Porto Colom around 8am after an early breakfast..we were first in! Yet again we tried a site from the Gosney guide. This was the No 1 site recommended by Dave for this species. It also appealed to me as you could park right by the area.

It was a beautiful morning if a little cool initially. Obviously plenty of garrigue habitat and lots of paths through it. Looked promising.

Trouble was there was no singing! Despite giving it until 11,,,not a peep.


I'm pleased to report I DID manage to see it...and photograph it! I consider this a major achievement considering the bird/s were silent throughout (even though I say so myself!). Don't expect any picture postcards though. In a way they'll give you a more realistic idea of just how quick and elusive this bird is...when it's not singing!

Unfortunately the times it/they did appear for split seconds it was into the sun. Never mind.

Distinctive jizz

A shot of red-eye
Rear view

cocked tail

Ghostly...sums it up best
On the way back we had lunch at a fabulous place...San Salvador Monastery. The panoramic view of the island was simply stunning...

The Formentor peninsular in the distance
Yet again, sign of any Alpine Accentors...or early Alpine Swifts.

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