Thursday, 8 November 2018

Snow Bunting

A medical day today which had a happy ending...thankfully!

I needed some air after a long morning in Hull so I took Bud down to Old Hive to look for Richard's Snow Buntings. A few judicious throws into the enormous stubble field produced the desired effect, when eventually, I saw a flash of white from a small bird in flight. Fortunately it landed again, a short distance away. I approached the area slowly with Bud in sit mode! It was difficult to see through the stubble but eventually I saw a movement around 30 yds away. It was a/the Snow Bunting...

During the next half hour or so I enjoyed stunning views of this little jewel, even if the light was "Novemberish".In fact the bird made its way TOWARDS me as I stood in the same spot next to my friend...

I have some more photographs of the RLB. A bird of this quality deserves a second showing. I'll sort a few out over the weekend.

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