Thursday, 17 March 2016

Texas 16 - Success at last!

Yesterday (16th) was a better day. I managed to find the Red-naped Sapsucker (Texas 446) at McKinney Falls S.P. IN Austin. a wonderful spot with a lovely waterfall (obviously) and carpets of Bluebonnets. Took a while BUT I was prepared to wait...and Louise was happy...I think?

We then drove to Taylor which is North of Austin. We got caught in horrendous traffic in the city (that won't happen again) so I didn't arrive at the site until 5pm which wasn't ideal. Still, lets have a go. I made my way down to the river and within 15 minutes I had Hammond's Flycatcher (Texas 447) on my list!

We're now down at Refugio were I'll be trying this morning for Flame-coloured Tanager and Greater Pewee.

Got to go!

Stay tuned...

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