Monday, 14 March 2016

Texas 16 - Panned out!

Ok. Phase one completed. A total failure! No targets seen. A great adventure though.

Rough-legged Hawk
Chesnut-collared Longspur
McCown’s Longspur

The problem I had was I wanted to see the ABA bird (CC). So I spent all of my time scanning countless Sandhills in the area. An absolutely fantastic spectacle and one I will never forget but I’m obviously disappointed to miss out. I can honestly say it was worth the journey for this experience alone. Louise loved it, the spectacle that is, not my scanning!

Now where is that Common Crane?!

A soft focus effort
This morning made me think it wasn’t to be this trip as the already strong wind was now kicking up the sandy soil. Interestingly I didn’t see one Crane this morning. They were either sensibly sheltering or they’ve migrated?

The main area for the Hawk is NW of Lubbuck in the Floydada region but again it’s getting late for them, so I’ve let it go. The combination of a three hour drive and gale force winds scuppered that one. At least the sun is shining now. It’s 82 today.

Longspurs are always elusive…at least to me! As already stated I didn’t give them a fair go due to the Crane search. Never mind.

Found this at one site though...

White-crowned Sparrow
The Brownfield area is obviously rural with endless arable fields interspersed with grasses for livestock. It’s flat, very flat. You can see forever.

More negative news came in the e-mail from Lorna Clevenger in New Braunfels informing me that Clyde the Male Calliope Hummingbird had aquired his full gorget and had migated North to find a new partner. So that on top of the flooded Bear Creek Park Greater Pewee failure makes it a trip to forget at the moment! Only kidding, I’m in Texas right, it’s ALL good.

I’ve got my fingers croosed that my 2 ABA ticks waiting for me in the RGV, namely BLUE BUNTING and NORTHERN JACANA don’t decide to depart before I get there. Also a Surfbird has turned up at Goose Island S.P. near Chorpus Christi. A new Texas tick which I’ll try to fit in. Can’t be eveywhere at once, especially in Texas!!

So now it’s time to leave the Panhandle. We’re heading South to Colorado City to try for Sage Thrasher before staying ayt Ozana this evening.

No Thrasher but a smart Northern Cardinal...

Just got an e-mail from Lorna to say the Calliope Hummingbird flew back in this evening! Maybe I'm still in the game?

Stay tuned...

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Pam said...

The cranes must have been quite a sight! Shame you lucked out (so far!), Im staying tuned!