Saturday, 12 March 2016

Texas 16 - need some Triumph!

Firstly apologies for the presentation of the previous post. Long story regarding time issues and technical problems but I thought I'd post it anyway!

We've brought the British weather and more with us. East Texas has taken a drenching. Some places receiving TWELVE inches of rain in 24 hours!!!

Bear Creek Park was flooded so that put paid to my Greater Pewee attempt.

We then made the monster drive (c500 miles) to the Lubbuck area. I'm writing this Friday lunchtime after spending 5 hours looking for the Common Crane to no avail. That's on top of 4 hours yesterday afternoon. Louise is already running out of novels! To give you an idea of the enormity of this search the flock I spent time with yesterday afternoon was in excess of 20,000...and I estimate conservatively.

Long distances and much scanning mean photos are not a priority at the moment. I'll post a few of the wonderful Sandhill Cranes when I get chance. Not to appreciate their beauty would be sacrilege...although there are moments... 

Stay tuned...

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