Thursday, 10 March 2016

Texas 16 - Landed!

In the interests of honesty and "Triumph and Disaster" I feel it's best to reflect the positives and negatives of the journey!

We had a right result on the London to Houston flight (Murphy made sure we paid dearly for this later). We found our row class!!! Extremely handy for the old war wound. Extra width and leg room. Felt great, especially as we hadn't paid for it. Individual screens...I managed FOUR films (not movies). Everest was the pick for me. Gripping and moving.

Things went downhill fast when we arrived in Houston. Firstly, violent thunderstorms. One area near the Airport had SIX inches of rain overnight!! Next we got in the "unfortunate queue " going through security. It took an HOUR!!

I always find the car hire a challenge. Once you've battled through the sales pitch things usually work out OK. Not this time. Both cards bounced. It was the equivalent of 3am in England by this time. Basically I'd not realised the full impact of the increased security on cards when travelling to the States. My fault.

We couldn't get out of the car pound! Cases out, taxi hired and off to the Red Roof Motel which was fortunately close by...exhausted. Louise was a trooper.

I had to ring England during the Texas night (6 hour difference) to try and sort it out. I did.

Who says holidays aren't relaxing?!

Anyway...we're in Texas for 3 glorious weeks. A superb Toyota Corolla sits outside the Starbucks we're enjoying a Latte in and the open road awaits... hopefully triumph!

I'm going to try for the Greater Pewee and Golden-crowned Kinglet at Bear Creek Park, west of the City centre, then we're heading North to Brownfield to try for the Common Crane tomorrow...

Stay tuned...

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