Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Techno problems

Had a crisis on Sunday evening. Connectivity problems! For some inexplicable reason my laptop decided it didn't like my wireless signal and instead of a healthy five bars I had a red cross? Why? Haven't got a clue.

The world today seems to revolve around the internet. It's an amazing invention but I have mixed feelings about it. Is conversation drying up? The number of people who seem to be transfixed by their smartphone is a worrying trend. They look at them whilst driving, cycling, crossing roads, dining...the list goes on. I refuse to get one. I do however use my laptop (obviously). I do my shopping, banking etc plus the usual Facebook, e-mail and of course my blog.

So, I needed to sort it out. Easier said than done I'm sure you'd agree.

I tried a few freephone helpline numbers I found via Louise's Ipad. One got me through to an encouraging voice but after a ten minute conversation it became apparent that it was going to take a long time to "maybe" sort it. I was also going to need...you guessed it...the internet!!

I made the decision to take it in to PC World. I figured I'd get stung for an initial payment but it was worth a stab as the computer wouldn't respond at all. As I was leaving the village I had another thought. My pal Phil's pretty handy with computer's, so I popped down to Kilnsea.

A good few hours later...He'd fixed it!!!

We basically had to take everything of value off it via safe mode and then reset it to factory settings. Might be of use to you one day?

I can't thank Phil enough...although I've tried my best, believe me! Like I've already said I have mixed feelings about the dependency we all seem to have these days on computers and the internet but that's just the way it is I guess.

I hope to do a brief review of the year as long as my laptop behaves...

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