Friday, 11 December 2015

Cyprus summary

Well, that's it, so what did I think?

Great weather always helps and we were blessed with continuous sunshine throughout. We were very lucky. Daylight hours were 7 - 4.30. So better weather and longer birding hours than the UK. The hotel was superb, great value for a 5 star. Paphos is Brit friendly without being "too much". Cyprus has excellent infrastructure and once you leave the urban areas you're virtually on your own.

We're at the st(age) now were we're looking for a winter destination for our holidays...I think we've found it! Oh, the Birding's not bad either. We met some friendly people on our travels with a special mention to David Hunter for showing me the Wallcreepers...

...and introducing me to the Birdlife Cyprus group.

Paphos has a large ex-pat community and many people have moved out there to live while others spend parts of the year there. Personally, I'd struggle with the summers and I still want to be in Britain for the migration periods BUT winter (Nov - March) definitely has possibilities.

It was interesting comparing it with Spain, both Mallorca and Mainland. Spain has some great birds but the logistics are not as good which can impact on the quality of your holiday. A couple of examples:

- We travelled down the Formentor Penisular on Mallorca on a superb March day this year. The scenery was spectacular, I managed to connect with a Blue Rock Thrush at a pull in...

However when we reached the end the cafe and toilet block were both shut. Not that big a deal for the lone young gun BUT a nightmare when you've got your better half with you!!

- When we toured Extremadura we spent several hours trying to find a decent place to get an evening meal and negotiating the rural villages was a nightmare.

I'm not saying I wouldn't go again but not in winter. Cyprus averages 5c warmer which makes for a more pleasant experience and break from our grim climate.

I'll do the numbers tomorrow...

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