Tuesday, 17 November 2015

List building

I've finally got round to adding my new British additions for the year (see left hand column). Chances of adding anything else now are slim, although never say never.

So, 7 new birds to take me to 500. Who'd 'ave thought it? Certainly not me. It was an amazing and unforgettable Spring.

...and to think, it could have been 9/10!!!



If my trip to Shetland had materialized I'd have connected with the THICK-BILLED WARBLER (8)

If I'd deserted my beloved Scilly I could have been looking at a WILSON'S WARBLER (9) on Lewis.

If I'd had belief in the CHESNUT BUNTING? I didn't.


P.S. I could have made an attempt for the MOLTONI'S WARBLER on Blakeney Point. A combination of a SIX mile walk on shingle (beyond me at the moment) and again, a less than passionate belief in the split meant the attempt was not undertaken...and there'll be another...more accessible one!

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