Friday, 13 November 2015

Here and There

The CRAG MARTIN has re-appeared! Great news for my pal Haydn who's been grafting all week. Hopefully he'll be rewarded tomorrow? An amazing record at an amazing Church. I still haven't given up hope of a Yorkshire tick...well, not entirely.

Cyprus trip planning well under way now. Great news comes in the form of 2/3 wintering WALLCREEPERS in the Avagas Gorge. These will be my number one target during our mini-break. I'll post a list of main target birds shortly. I just hope I'm mobile enough to see at least some of them! My only encounter with this enigmatic species was in the French Pyrenees one summer long ago. I had a family group virtually flying around my feet on the scree slopes near the Cirque de Gavarnie.

One of my top Birding encounters...and I had my young lads with me!

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