Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Bleak...with a chink of light

Typical November weather at the moment...unfortunately. This is my least favourite time of year. It started misty, then got foggy and finished with heavy rain!

Something cheerful needed.

Late yesterday afternoon I'd had a brief glimpse of a distant skein of Geese flying low along Snakey lane. I'd seen plenty of Pink-footed Geese reported recently. I wonder?

So this morning I decided to take a look. I couldn't see or hear anything from SL in 30 minutes.  Just as I was about to leave I caught sight of a small group on the brow of the hill. I decided to drive round to another track to see if I could get a better look. The birds were very difficult to see in the murky conditions...

Still, there they were...Pinkfeet (P.143, H.85). I estimated around 100. 20 soon left's 8...

The remaining birds seemed quite settled and fed almost constantly at around 100yds. This was the first flock I'd seen on the deck in the village. A ray of light through the gloom. I sent Phil a text and he joined me around 11.45. We made our way back down the track and managed to re-locate a small group of 26. As we chatted they started to work their way closer as they fed...

Great to see..

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