Tuesday, 6 October 2015

S.E.Arizona - Summary

We fly home today...BUT still time to nip out to see another bird...closer!

When I see Cliff Swallow it always makes me smile as I think about my British sighting at Spurn 23/10/1995. I'd been seeing them everyday as we passed under the bridge near our hotel. So  I decided to give it an hour before we left for the airport to see if I could photograph them. Not easy!
Plus, even though I was under the bridge out of the sun...it was cooking! I'm sure you can appreciate how fast these birds move!

Below are three of my better efforts...


So, how did I find it?

                      I've already stated that I visited the area in 2005. I also had a brief visit in 2000 in another life. It's a fantastic region for Birding. It gives you enough room to explore (which I love) and yet you can spend hours at one location and NEVER be bored. It has great infrastructure, friendly people and terrific birds. There's also a wide range of habitats.
                     My BIG day was one of the best I've had...EVER! I got lucky...especially with the Nightjar. Thanks again Richard! I'd like to return one day to bird in the winter months...when it's a bit cooler.

The full report (if you're having a really slow day) can be found here or under labels down the right hand side.

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