Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Scilly me?

Last shift today then off we go!

Having written a few pre-Scilly posts now I'm aware (again) of repetition. Trouble is my memory's not that great that I can remember previous apologies in advance!

After recovering from the ill-fated cancellation of my Shetland trip (THICK-BILLED WARBLER) due to the long-running leg saga, I'm hoping for better luck on the Fortunate Isles. Simply...I have to stay's just the way I am. So many great memories...and great birds!

Marooned though? True. You pays your money, you takes your choice. A couple of examples of how things can go pear shaped...

Thursday 20th October 2011 A SCARLET TANAGER 1w female turned up at St Leven, Cornwall. I'd already booked my flight to Scilly for first thing Saturday morning. The bird was still there on Friday. I wonder if I can get a later flight on Saturday? I managed to sort it. So there I was in situ early Sat. No sign! Then MEGA alert...Scilly SCARLET TANAGER 1w male St Mary's at top of Holy Vale. Now THAT is BAD luck!!! Need less to say there was no sign of the bird when I arrived at lunchtime.

Thursday 23rd October 2014 A YELLOW-BILLED CUCKOO turned up at Porthgwarra, Cornwall. Guess who was on St Agnes watching an Ortolan Bunting! No way of getting off until Friday on the boat which would arrive too late. Saturday morning? guessed it...the bird had gone!

The latter was my Number 1 nap for connecting with on Scilly. A species that (unfortunately) doesn't seem to survive long this side of the pond. pays your money etc...

Wouldn't change things though personally. I fully intend to visit Shetland in late September/early October in the future BUT my main trip will always be Scilly. Yes, you can get marooned from the BIG 1 elsewhere but it's a risk I'm happily prepared to take, in exchange for the thrill of anticipation that prevails as you scour the islands, hoping to hit the jackpot.

If you don't it's just a great place to be...

p.s. I'll going to try and do a daily diary...maybe you'd like to follow it?

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