Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Scilly 2015 - Day 6

Back up to Penninis Head this morning. We were greeted by this sight...

A double twitch!

Red-throated Pipit to the left and BLYTH'S PIPIT to the right. I wanted to try and get a better picture of the latter as I knew how difficult RTP's are to see well on the deck (usually). When I eventually got round there the bird was on view but was still distant (100yds), the light was better though...

I bumped into an old friend (Ian) later in the day who I'd met 24 years ago when I first visited Scilly and camped on the Garrison (never again). It was the year of the SORA. I admit I didn't recognize him at first but we soon connected and shared stories of past times. It was great to see him again after all those years...amazing really! During our chat he told me that the BP had showed down to 10 yds around lunchtime when the crowd had dispersed.

I spent the late morning wasting my time trying to get a decent view/pic of the RTP on the ground. It didn't happen, although I did get 2 decent flight views of the distinctive jizz. I'd have been better employed back at the BP.

After lunch we had a stroll down to Porthloo beach which is always "birdy". Today produced a couple of Stonechats, Wheatear, Whimbrel and 4 Black Redstarts.

Black Redstart
Just as I was about to leave Ian news came through of a SEO over the Golf Course heading towards Samson. We started to scan over the bay and sure enough the bird appeared and headed off north. 2 sightings in 2 days after waiting 24 years to add it to my Scilly list?

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