Friday, 9 October 2015

Scilly 2015 - Day 1

I was going to post a blank page!

After a long journey down yesterday (made even longer by roadworks) we arrived at our new overnight stop at Cape Cornwall around 9.30pm after a nice meal at a Brewers Fayre in Exeter. Trouble was the "digs" didn't look the same in total darkness. After an awkward 10 minutes we eventually sorted things out and hit the hay.

Up at 6, a ten minute journey to the airport and out on the runway for the 8.30 flight...

Unfortunately the star bird of yesterday, namely ISABELLINE WHEATEAR had sadly moved on, no doubt encouraged by a clear night. was straight to the Kavorna cafe for a sausage sarny! We then spent the morning along the Garrison ending up at the wonderful Morning Point. Nothing of note was seen despite a good hour at Lower Broome Platform ( I WILL find something here one day). I scanned the Gulls of the point while Louise read her novel..

...but I couldn't find a Med' Gull.

Nice views on the way back to Hugh Town...

After lunch we got some provisions, sorted the flat out and then headed for Old Town. Again, I'm sorry to report that nothing of note was seen, neither here or at the "dump clump". Not even a Chiffchaff!

There seems to be a decent number of Birders on the Island/s and yet I didn't see anyone I knew. Part of it no doubt due to our earlier trip this year. Louise is loving it due to the fact that more cafes are open!

A slow start then. No matter. The forecast isn't great but anything can happen at this time of year.

8 days to go...

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