Thursday, 29 October 2015

Chestnut Bunting?

If you're not into twitching you might want to move on!

A Chestnut Bunting of "unknown origin" has been present on Papa Westray, Orkney since October 20th. NOBODY can say with certainty where this bird came from, whether it be it's breeding grounds or a cage.

Many people have spent considerable amounts travelling to see and provisionally tick this bird. It's even been added to Bubo (as the Acadian Flycatcher was to be fair). What REALLY matters is what the BOURC think! Certainly not me...

I can have an opinion though. As mentioned before I keep my thoughts to my Blog these days, steering clear of the on-line forums.

What is your opinion I hear you cry?

I've not been to see it...and I could have done straight away. It just doesn't feel right. It looks tame, it acts IS tame! Birders have been virtually treading on it. It's had plenty of time to feed up and move on BUT it's still there? I accept other rare birds can act this way and yet...

Having already dipped the WILSON'S WARBLER I'm keen to add something before the Autumn ends but it won't be this. A couple of experienced twitching pals of mine have drawn the same has a well known personality.  Maybe others have as well?

I/we could be wrong of course. It may get accepted eventually...never mind.

So there you go, for me, this is NOT a wild bird...

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