Saturday, 18 April 2015

Twitching handicaps!

Statement: Nobody want to add a Lifer to the their list more than I do.


BUT I (like many of us) have commitments.

Brief personal lowlights...

Tuesday April 14th 8.21pm...MEGA GREAT BLUE HERON St Mary's, Isles of Scilly

Yours truly on his way back from Dorset feeling very chuffed after finally finding a Mark 2 Volvo V70 in great condition with low milage. 12 years old but only 52,000 on the clock! Swapped shifts to do this, so working Wednesday...therefore snookered!

Wednesday April 15th 6.30am Still present in Old Town Bay. 
                                       2.41pm Present again in Holy Vale for c5 minutes.

A few fellow twitchers connected through the mist

Thursday April 16th 7.17pm Refound on Bryer at the Big Pool

I finished work at 8pm and tried in vain to do a shift swap for Friday...obviously not much time to arrange this! Scillonian website crashed so couldn't check availability. One driver had put down for overtime on Friday and I had a number?

In hindsight (that wonderful thing) I should have rung him to see if could do my shift. If he could've I'd have just driven down to Penzance hoping to get a place on the boat. If this had worked out I'd have seen it! However, as well as commitments there's fatigue to key in here. Feeling fresh while writing this...not so fresh on Thursday evening.

Friday April 17th Present again around the Big Pool

Worked the day shift.

Saturday April 18th 10.15am Still present on Bryer around the Big Pool.

I've got today off. So why aren't you there I here you cry? Well, it's my younger son's 30th birthday party tonight and I'm not going to miss that for a bird. Commitments.

The twitching playing field isn't a level one. As stated previously some can go at the drop of a pager, so they're always in pole position. Must be great that...or is it? I've tweaked my life to give myself greater opportunities but there's still occasions when I just can't go (can you hear the gritted teeth?).

Just another species that I've had to add to my retirement list...when and/or if I get there!

So there's my tale of woe...but hang on...could it possibly hang on till Thursday for me?

Optimistic as ever!

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