Sunday, 26 April 2015

They're back!

Great to see the Little Terns at Beacon Ponds this morning on another fantastic Spring morning. I counted ten birds. They've done really well the last couple of years, lets hope it continues with the sponsored protection.

Other birds included a couple of Greenshanks and a Whinchat...

The Hudwit didn't re-appear this morning which must have been VERY frustrating for those that had travelled. I'm sure there'll be many scanning Godwit flocks in the coming days. The 1981 bird was re-located in Devon after leaving Yorkshire! Must have been a Nancy's Cafe job.

One of the things I enjoy about rare birds is the surprise element. Not just the fact that they appear but also the timing. To think a second and third for Britain would turn up in such a narrow time window is least to me! Fortunately, I had the time to go and see them both.

As well as triumphs there are tragedy's, some self inflicted. I read on-line that a couple of twitchers read the message as Hudsonian Whimbrel (a bird I haven't seen) so didn't go. Whoops!

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