Saturday, 25 April 2015

HUDSONIAN GODWIT - a tale of two twitches

Quite a week!!!

The cornflakes went flying this morning when I reached For my readers to see the MEGA alert.

MEGA Somerset HUDSONIAN GODWIT between Meare and Ashcott at Shapwick Heath NNR

My thoughts immediately drifted to the Blacktoft Sands record...yes, I'm that sad. It was seen in the Autumn of 1981 and it amazingly returned in the Spring of 1983!!

Before my time.

Another thought was my summer trip to Alaska in 2007 were I added it to my ABA list.

I sent a text to Tony Dixon and within 5 minutes he'd called. I asked if he was going and he said yes. There was some hesitancy in his voice however? I took Bud out while I waited for him to arrive. It was my turn to drive.

Ten minutes later the mobile went again. It was Tony. It was his grandson's birthday, hence the reason for his hesitancy. So, I was on my own. I left at 8.30 and I arrived at 1. A large but full car park greeted me. After eventually finding a space (of sorts) I made my way to the spot. It wasn't hard to find!

I wasn't sure what the viewing situation would be. Queuing for a hide wouldn't have been ideal. Luckily the Godwits were viewable to all from a path. I reckon around 300 were present. Obviously some had been and gone and others were arriving by the minute.

Now here's the weird bit. I saw the bird, an extremely rare bird, a 3rd for Britain in fact. Compared to the GBH twitch though it was a bit of a damp squib. I prefer an adventure, this certainly wasn't that. It was a matter of getting there and viewing the bird. Don't get me wrong, I'm VERY pleased with another addition to my British list, it just wasn'

Twitches come in all guises. This one won't be going into my top ten RUSH BIRD ( see left hand column).

By all accounts it's a superb reserve but 8 hours plus of driving didn't allow for much exploring. Wimp!

Hope it's there tomorrow for Tony...

Here's one of his digiscoped shots of the GBH...

Nice to brighten a post up with a pic. None of the Hud God from me, as I left my card in the laptop!

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