Friday, 22 August 2014


As August ebbs away thoughts turn to the best birding season...AUTUMN. If you like the thrill of the chase (as I obviously do) it's like Christmas with some great presents (hopefully). Who says blokes never grow up?

I've managed to arrange my work schedule to allow me the optimum time windows to connect. Not as good as not working at all but far less rigid than past teaching schedules! I'll also need my luck to improve following a series of disasters over the last couple of years. Seen some crackers as well to be fair. go or not to go...that is the question. GO..GO..GO! Yes, you can get marooned...but you could also hit the jackpot. Especially with birds that don't have a track record of longevity...i.e. American Cuckoos. To see one of these two species in Britain would be right up there on my Rush list. Gives me another excuse to post a pic from Texas...

3 Yellow billed would be greedy
Persevered with the old sea-watching this morning. Phil joined me for the second time. Not much passing these here parts. Best bird was a Bonxie (Great Skua) yesterday.

Views of the Little Owls around the corner are always major compensation however...

Gotta love 'em

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