Saturday, 8 February 2014

Spurn update

Spent the morning down at Spurn. First stop the beach and sea for the Budster. Still plenty of evidence of the tidal surge damage. It's the first time I'd been down onto the beach and looked back on the caravan site. Not pretty. The beach is now much higher with hundreds of tons of material dumped by the sea making the "cliff" barely visible. The campsite is moving across the road eventually. Also the overflow car park by the toilet block is still covered in rubble, with some impressive boulders deposited. No pics as I find it depressing.

As previously mentioned much collection of rubbish has taken place...a commendable effort by all concerned. Hopefully the village will get the help it needs...SOON!

I returned to the spot were I saw the Skylarks singing yesterday. No song today but I did find one sheltering from the wind...

A walk along the canal bank produced my first Turnstones (P.82, S.52) of the year fighting the gale force wind on the Humber shore...

My pal Haydn made the long trip north in the early hours to finally connect with the AMERICAN COOT. He's just returned from a week in the Gambia (jammy sod). Glad it hung around for him.

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