Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Dentist and Duff!

Had to go over to York today to pay a long overdue (5+ years) trip to the Dentist. I decided to see if I could find the Drake Smew that had been reported from Fairburn Ings. The weather was atrocious! Heavy rain and cold. I asked at the visitors centre and they told me it hadn't been reported for a couple of days. Still, it might be around somewhere? I checked the moat area and then made my way down the flashes ending up in Lyndyke hide.

No Smew unfortunately but I enjoyed the short walk...in the rain!

The weather didn't dampen this couples ardour...

Just before I left a distant Great-crested Grebe drifted into view...

...and so to Duff...

I only had a good hour due to Dental visits but the sun came out and I managed to add a few species to my year list...

Gadwall (3)
Tufted Duck (c30)
Dunlin (c100)
Ruff (10)
Redshank (15)

Year list 41

Also impressive numbers of Golden Plover (c500) and Lapwing (c1500).

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