Saturday, 22 February 2014

Back in time

This isn't a birdy you might want to move on! I'm fully aware that music and other personal interest are just that...personal. Maybe you can relate to the below in some way?

On Thursday night I took Louise to Hull City Hall for a surprise outing. I have to be honest, there was some self interest.

We went to see this...

Legends Of Soul Live Butlins

I won't bore you with an act by act review (that's if your still reading!) but I just want to record a few thoughts generally about seeing class acts from the distant past.

I like all genres of music but my heart lies in 70's Soul. I was 13 in 1970 and I consider myself truly blessed to have spent the next ten years enjoying some true greats of Soul...

Earth, Wind and Fire
Barry White
Harold Melvin and the Bluenotes
Al Green

The list is long...

I thought those days had gone. On Thursday night I found out I was wrong!


THE Voice of "Papa was a Rolling Stone"....The Temptations Dennis Edwards (aged 71). The rest are above.

There wasn't one bad performance. They all performed brilliantly. I was amazed! The band were excellent and the sound created was just like listening to the records.

Gwen Dickey had been injured in a ladder fall but she was escorted on stage to a stool and sang like an Angel.

Sheila Ferguson was pure class in a sequined dress. "When will I see you again" was sang perfectly.

The thing is, it made me think...always dangerous. I'm 57 and I try (but usually, no always fail) to appreciate "modern" music...but I can't! I'm sure today's kids love "their" music...I don't! I KNOW that I grew up in THE best era for class Soul...but that's just my opinion. Thanks for reading and I hope you can still find and see some of your heroes.

A special thank you must go to David Gest for having the persuasive skills to assemble such a cast.

I will be posting a few of my favourites (not too many I promise) over the coming days before the memories fade...

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