Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Owls about that then!

An old one...but I like it! GREAT GREY and HAWK OWL in the Netherlands today!!!

Please can we have one?...or both!!

Gives me an excuse to post a few of my ABA sightings. Hope you like them.


Found one on the last day of our 3 week holiday. I looked at a LOT of conifers!

Hawk Owl, Alaska
My best birding moment. Many US birders haven't seen GGO in Yosemite! So, watching this bird for 90 minutes was heaven. More than making up for missing it the previous year.

Great Grey Owl, Yosemite N.P. California

After the Yorkshire sighting...some unmissable images of a juvenile GYR in Ireland here.

Managed to find one myself at Nome, Alaska...

...and this amazing beast that we saw right by the road...

Musk Ox
Great days...

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