Saturday, 30 November 2013

ABA Owls

Whilst searching through my pics for the Great Grey Owl and Hawk Owl from past US holidays I uncovered a few more from days gone by. Any Owl day is a good day.

15/4/2006 - Ferruginous Pygmy Owl - Bentson S.P, Texas

The bird had been around for a few days and I travelled down from Galveston (c400 miles). After a night at McAllen I arrived at dawn. The bird was calling as I reached the site but I couldn't locate it...rather frustrating! I was concerned it would stop calling but I managed to find it eventually. It was very tame and completely unconcerned by my presence. A very rare bird and a cracking ABA tick...

26/7/2007 - Snowy Owl - Barrow, Alaska

We spent a memorable afternoon down the aptly named Gaswell Rd! We saw at least 20 Snowy Owls at various distances out on the misty tundra. Barrow is the northernmost point of the North American continent and the 9th northernmost city in the world. The whole trip was amazing. My trip report is here if you're interested?

I've already mentioned Hawk Owl but just to re-iterate, I spent many hours with my good lady taxiing me around the conifers of the Anchorage area. I found one (only one) AT LAST...

8/8/2007 - Hawk Owl - Glennallen, Alaska

10/8/2008 - Northern Saw-whet Owl - San Gabriel Mnts, California

A truly amazing experience with Lance Benner from Los Angeles. I met him at dusk and we headed north into the San Gabriel Mountains. We tried a few sites but didn't have any luck. It was now around 11.30 pm and my pass out had nearly expired! One last site. Lance disappeared off into the woods with his flash-light. "Can you hear something" he asked. "No" I replied. "THERE!". He shone his torch up into a tree...

Believe was VERY impressive!

So, there you have it. I've seen all the ABA Owls except Whiskered-screech Owl. I hope to return to Arizona one day to complete the set.

My favourite?..

I rest my case...

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