Tuesday, 2 July 2013

BRIDLED TERN - 25 Years on!

As a fledgling twitcher in the late 80's I was at Filey when I heard 2 locals (one was Pete Dunne) discussing going to Anglesey to see a rare Tern. Anglesey! That's a long way to go to see a bird, I thought at the time!!

Now, 25 years on and many long-distance twitches later, I found myself getting my first chance to see that same species since.

The ups and downs of Birding
I'd had both already this year but that's the way it goes. I like to think the dips make the ticks better?

9pm last night
A couple of phone calls to Tony Dixon to discuss travelling overnight for the 6am boat from Seahouses. I broke my golden rule by wimping out. I gambled on waiting for news reckoning that if it was still there it would be there all day? Plus, I like my sleep!

5.00am today
Set off...M62 - A1.

Text from Tony...GOT IT!!!

Arrived at Seahouses to the pager informing me it had flown off! What to do? I was booked on the 10am boat.

Still no sign. Again I broke my rule by not going. I had a kip in the car!

I was awoken by the beep of the Pager informing me it WAS BACK! I'd missed the boat. So down to the harbour for a chat with the various boatmen. After some negotiation I managed to get one across at 11ish.

We finally left the harbour after waiting for a couple of latecomers. One was Craig Thomas (had to give you a mention pal) from Flamborough. Great to see you again.

We arrived at the jetty but the bird wasn't showing. After only 10 minutes the boatman informed us we would have to leave at 12...but we could return at 1.30. Is that OK?!!!

"Not really, as we've just arrived!" He understood but that was the situation. I just wish we'd known that before we left the harbour as we could have come across at 1.30.

Never mind!?

Then, just as we were heading for the boat a young lad exclaimed...I'VE GOT IT!!!

He sure had...

this image is amazing considering the distance c80yds handheld

Poor record flight shot
Might have got something better as it flew over the boat later...but my battery packed up.

I was VERY lucky to see this bird...which was incidentally...SUPERB.

p.s. Despite the little hiccup over timing the boatmen were very friendly and helpful. Many thanks to all.

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