Monday, 29 July 2013

Beacon Ponds

Spent a very pleasant couple of hours down at Kilnsea Wetlands/Beacon Ponds late morning/early afternoon.

Bumped into John McLoughlin and we put the world to rights for a while. Great to see you pal!

Managed to see a few (3) Curlew Sandpipers (P.141, S.108) plus masses of waders including spectacular numbers of summer plumage Knot...superb!

Also a good selection of Terns (4 species) including some juveniles. Common and Arctic (P.143, S.110) were added to the year list...I had a slow spring!!

15 Little Egrets in a nearby field should never be underestimated!

Got the usual Avocet fly-by on the way back...

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Barry Bishop said...

I need curlew sand for my year list, so might pop down to Beacon Ponds, only 5 weeks holiday left, so might just manage it!!
Nice to hear from you.
Barry Bishop